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Looks pretty good, but better watch this before 7th month comes LOL

you know what. there aren't a lot monster movies that come out. so i can appreciate this. deyre23m What an original and fresh name a story bravo 🙃 mon, mon, mon & MONSTERS & review Never seen 2 people hide in a car from a scary creature and accidentally set off things to attract it. Cough Jurassic Park cough It's probably not a good idea to either capture a monster...or make one.
I love to go into a movie as cold as I can, and the barely little I saw of this led me to believe this would be a kiddie monster movie for fun, like The Monster Squad. Oh, hell no. I'm guessing this is "supposed" to contain "humor," but this gets dark, fast and gruesome, just for adults.
This is NOT for kids. Even if it mainly stars them.
Bullied student - and not just by his peers, gets to join his closes adversaries for the day and while he wants to be accepted, he realizes, slowly how dark, disturbed and horrific they can be. And then a monster shows up.
They capture said monster, or at least, one half of a pair that doesn't like to be separated from each other. NOT a good idea.
Just like I like to go in cold into a film, I've only given you 1/100th of the movie and there's so much more you can explore. And needless to say, you'll experience more than you bargained for.
I loved the originality, the acting, film-making, but not so much the fake CGI and CGI blood - one of my biggest pet peeves as of late. It's lazy, cheap and beneath any real filmmaker. Do it practical or up your CGI budget to real filmmaking standards.
As mentioned, this gets dark and once the movie remotely starts to dim...there's no going back. So, if you like that, buckle in and enjoy the ride.
Final thoughts: School's out. Time to start learning some lessons. Well, the audience anyways..




i thought that was lauren lapkus lol

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老師打人的時候,旁邊的教官..都不阻止!!!! 超可怕的.........



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And now I've watched the whole movie. Cool.

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